A New Party is Born

The two-party system has become an intolerable straitjacket on the hopes and dreams of the American people. More than ever, we need a viable alternative to a future of budget cuts, unemployment, despair and war.

Our Program

A One-Two Punch for Economic Recovery:

Wall Street speculators – not the American people – are responsible for the ongoing economic depression. Make them pay! We demand a 1% sales tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives to stop all state and federal budget cuts.

Make the private Fed accountable to the needs of the American people. Force it to finance an American economic revolution with trillions in cheap, long-term credit for infrastructure, industry and public needs.

Restoring the New Deal:

Economic Protections

A Protective Tariff

Protect industry with a 15% tariff (tax) on all imported goods

Parity Agriculture

Protect family farms with a fair (parity) price on all storable grains

Financial Re-Regulation

Protect savers and investors by re-regulating the financial sector

Economic Rights

Medicare for All

Provide Medicare for All: public, not-for profit health insurance

Strengthen Social Security

Provide dignity for retirees by strengthening Social Security

Education and Housing

Stop foreclosures, and fight usury with public credit to ensure access to affordable, quality public education and housing for all Americans


Randy Credico, a longtime comedian-turned-longshot mayoral candidate […] got just about 2 percent of the vote, or 13,666 votes throughout the city. So why is a tiny district of the Bronx showing a drastically different story? And could it matter?


[Credico] polled about 1% of the vote, but I think he’d be a hell of a mayor. […] He claims to be ignored because he wants to end ‘sweetheart’ giveaways to real estate moguls and he has proposed a half-percent Wall Street Sales Tax on stock transactions, claiming such a tax “a mere flea bite” that would raise $60 billion a year, doubling city revenues.

New York NY, August 12 --Speaking to a group of supporters in the Bronx, Democratic Mayoral Candidate Randy Credico commented today on Federal Judge Shira Sheindlin's condemnation of Stop and Frisk.